Avikus's AI-based control system makes ships to navigate safely and Autonomosly, and to diagnose a ship profile

Leading autonomous navigation
in sea

Our Mission

"World’s No.1 Next Generation Navigation Solution Provider"

Avikus is a new startup company who is specialized in autonomous navigation technology and was launched by Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, the world’s top shipbuilder.

Avikus is the etymology of “Viking” and is derived from 'Avviker', which means a person who has left for the sea. It contains the vision of becoming a leading company in the field of autonomous ship navigation.


Detection, Then Action

In the process of operating the ships, a variety of risk such as a collision with other ships or a berthing to the land may occur. It is important to detect awareness around ship and act quickly to avoid these risks.
Our AI-based control system has the ability to identify various environment and minimize the risks by providing the guidance.

Navigation Assistance System(NAS)

Computer Vision & AI based Situational Awareness

1) Unique ability to detect AIS/ARPA undetected ships
2) Powerful recognition performance based on the continuous data learning

Outstanding Target Detection

1) Data association for AIS/RADAR/camera sensor fusion
2) IR camera based detection for sea-fog & night situations

Key Information Display & Alarm in AR Visualization

1) Core navigation data display of own ship/target ship
2) Display of the collision avoidance trajectory

Berthing Assistance System(BAS)

360 deg. 3D around view system

1) Intuitive screen that allows crews to see around the ship at once
2) Zoom in/out function for a closer look at key areas
3) Monitoring for the movement of surrounding tug boats

Berthing/Unberthing Supporting

1) Important ship movement data display in AR visualization
2) Detection for the distance between ship and berth

Together at Avikus

Join our team to leading autonomous navigation technology in sea. We are looking for multi-disciplinary engineers and competent professionals that like to solve problems, seek growth and communicate to achieve the same goal.

현대중공업그룹, 신규회사 '아비커스' 설립…스마트선박 강화

신규회사 설립은 자율운항과 관련된 그룹 내 조직을 별도 분리하는 것으로 현대중공업지주가 60억원을 들여 100% 자회사로 설립한다. 현대중공업그룹 관계자는 “인공지능(AI) 기술을 활용한 항해 보조 시스템 시장의 성장 가능성을 보고 선제적인 진출을 위한 시규법인 설립”이라고 밝혔다.

현대중공업그룹, 디지털로 전환해 미래사업을 준비하겠다고 선언

현대중공업은 배를 짓고 중공업기계를 제조하고 엔진을 만들고 플랜트를 세우는 중후장대형 사업을 펼치고 있다. 현대중공업이 이제 디지털로 전환해 미래사업을 준비하겠다고 선언했다.

아비커스, 인공지능에 기반을 둔 항해보조시스템의 개발

아비커스는 선박 자율운항 솔루션 등 인공지능에 기반을 둔 항해보조시스템의 개발을 맡는다. 이는 그룹의 조선 중간지주사인 한국조선해양이 연구개발을 진행하는 미래 선박기술 가운데 하나다.

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