Hyundai intelligent Navigation Assistant System

Navigation Assistant


Degree 1~2

HiNAS enables safe navigation, prevents accidents caused by human error and overcomes the limitation of conventional sensors of the ship

  • Degree 2 NAS 2.0
  • Degree 1 NAS
  • Detection
  • Situation
  • Planning
  • Control

NAS Key Features

Deep learning
Automatic object detection

AI supported camera based lookout assistance

Sensor fusion based situational recognition

Radar, AIS, camera sensor fusion for accuracy and robustness

Augmented Reality visualization

Intuitive navigation assistance and collision & grounding alarm


Development of degree 2 solution replacing sailors’ recognition, decision, and control capabilities completely

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NAS installation


AI.R. camera
640x512, HFOV 50˚
(Total field of visibility of 140˚)
BE.O. camera
1920x1080, HFOV 110˚
(Total field of visibility of 180˚)
Single board computer
8-Core ARM v8.2 64-Bit CPU, VLIW vision processor
Main Server
Class Type approval
27 inches (1920x1080) or 49.5 inches (1920x540)


NAS can be installed during vessel construction or by retrofit.
NAS console & Mobile HiNAS display

Berthing Assistant


Degree 1

A Pilot commands several tugboats simultaneously for berthing and unberthing.

HiBAS shows a top view image converted from input images recorded by multiple bird-eye cameras installed around the ship. So, real-time vessel around view technology will improve berthing and unberthing safety.

  • BAS
  • Sensing
  • Situation analysis
  • Control

BAS Key Features

Top view image

Display of the situations around the ship in a 360-degree top view augmented reality image.

Using 32-channel LiDAR and deep learning technology

Now, we gradually develop 3D BAS for the next version

BAS Installation


E.O. camera
HFOV 195º with Fisheye Lens
Single board computer
Quad-core ARM A57 CPU
E.O. camera
HFOV 195º with Fisheye Lens
32 channels, Range abt. 100m
Single board computer
Quad-core ARM A57 CPU
Swiching Hub
Swiching Hub
Main Server
2TB HDD, 16GB DDR4, Class Type approval
27 inches (1920x1080) or 49.5 inches (1920x540)


BAS can be installed during vessel construction or by retrofit.
BAS display
BAS can also be usefully used on not only large merchant vessels but also tugboats and military ships for the navy and coastguard.
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close Location

Detection, Then Action


Autonomous Ship

Now, we research and develop and commercialize degree 1 & 2 autonomous navigation solutions (Assistant system).

In addition to this, we continue to research and develop degree 3&4 solutions (Autonomous system).


Like autonomous car, according to IMO, autonomous ship divides into 4 degrees.

  • Watch/Monitoring
  • Control/Operation
  • Driver responsibility
  • System Control/Driver responsibility
  • System responsibility
Assistant system
  • Degree 1 icon

    Ship with automated processes and decision support

  • Degree 2 icon

    Remotely controlled ship with seafarers on board

Autonomous system
  • Degree 3 icon

    Remotely controlled ship without seafarers on board

  • Degree 4 icon

    Fully autonomous ship


At a Glance

Korea is a well-respected shipbuilding powerhouse.

However, to maintain this great reputation, it is essential to lead the technology in the field of autonomous operation, which will be the core technology for the next-generation shipping industry.

If you settle for the current level of technology and situation, you will never discover a new ocean.

The development and commercialization of autonomous driving technology in vehicles are already underway.

In contrast, the level of commercialization of autonomous navigation technology is still very low, and there hasn’t been a global case of commercialization yet.

Korea has the advantages for autonomous navigation technology development, as we are the best in the world for shipbuilding and ICT infrastructure.

Therefore, Avikus' goal is not to settle for the current technology but to develop and commercialize technologies for the future to be the pioneer of the future shipping industry.

We succeeded in commercializing HiNAS(Hyundai intelligent Navigation Assistant System) for the first time in the world and will be a 'Maritime Autonomous Pioneer' that leads the commercialization of autonomous navigation solutions for all ships from large commercial vessels to leisure boats based on the largest number of commercialization cases and data of ours.

NAS 2.0

Ongoing Projects


World’s 1st autonomous large merchant vessel trans ocean

Autonomous LNG
Carrier Trans Ocean Project

NAS 2.0 console for navigation control
180K LNGC Built by HHI
HIL Simulator

We installed NAS 2.0 on large LNG carrier which is built by HHI and plans to demonstrate the autonomous navigation of it across the ocean for the first time in the world.