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Commercial Ship Product

 HiNAS (Hyundai intelligent Navigation Assistant System) is designed to reduce fuel consumption and enhance safety

컨트롤 (밝은 버전)

HiNAS Control

HiNAS Navigation shows detected targets and navigation information in panoramic and augmented reality (AR) view.
HiNAS Control* introduces autonomous navigation, maneuvering,
and collision avoidance.

*Upgradable from HiNAS Navigation.



HiNAS SVM shows real-time 360-degree augmented reality (AR) view and distance guides to guide berthing and unberthing.


Cloud 최종 사진

HiNAS Cloud

HiNAS Cloud is Cloud-based fleet management and analytics.



Certified by leading classifications and flag states


Real Experiences, Real Satisfaction

“The new display is simple yet effectively present

the necessary navigation information,

making it very nice!

Especially, it is intuitive to perceive the risk of collision

using the congested mode and extremely convenient

with the addition of wide/full-screen mode.”

Seaspan container ship captain

"Very impressive in that we can improve both safety

and economic feasibility  through HiNAS control.

We want to increase the competitiveness

of our fleet through a lot of testing."

"HiNAS SVM prevent safety accidents by easily

monitoring areas where accidents occur a lot."

PAAC/Seaspan shipowner