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New Technology Qualification of Autonomous Navigation System from Korean Register for the First Time in the World

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, June 7, 2023

The class society said the successful completion of the system integration stage, the third stage of the NTQ process, solidifies HiNAS Control’s capabilities as an innovative AI-based autonomous navigation system.

HiNAS was developed by HHI’s subsidiaries, the autonomous navigation division Avikus and HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE). HiNAS uses augmented reality technology by combining data collected from vessel sensors and sailing equipment and allowing the ship to navigate optimal routes, maintain ideal speeds and avoid collisions. 

The autonomous navigation system can enhance safety during navigation, improve fuel efficiency and ease the operational workload for bridge teams. 

Earlier this year, Korean Register awarded HHI Group an approval in principal for HiNAS 2.0, confirming the system’s safety and feasibility. Now, the class society said the technical qualification was conducted in accordance with its guidelines for new technology qualification to evaluate new maritime technology.

The NTQ process comprises four stages: feasibility and concept verification, prototype validation, system integration and operational assessment. KR’s review of classification rules and international regulations confirmed HiNAS’ performance and an NTQ statement was issued following risk assessment and technical evaluation.

The certificate was awarded 7 June at the Nor-Shipping industry exhibition in Oslo and represents another step towards commercialising HiNAS.

HD KSOE executive vice president and head of digital research lab, Kwon Byounghun said, “This new technology evaluation is a great example of HD Hyundai Group’s leading autonomous navigation technology. Through this NTQ process, we were able to confirm the stability and performance of the system through sufficient technical verification in various scenarios using the virtual test drive system at our Digital Convergence Centre.”

KR chief executive and chairman Lee Hyung-chul, added “We are proud to have successfully verified the high-level performance of an AI-based autonomous navigation system through the first NTQ process under the newly established guidelines for new technology qualification. We will continue to provide more substantial and active technical support for the commercialisation of autonomous ships as a future technology.”