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뉴보트 ces 딱지 붙인 버전-1

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 21, 2023

AVIKUS, HD Hyundai's autonomous navigation in-house startup, announced today its NeuBoat autonomous level 2 navigation solution for recreational boats was recognized for innovation by the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This is the second consecutive year Avikus was recognized by CES in the category “Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility”. CES will be held January 9 through 12, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Avikus has also been recognized recently by the prestigious National Academy of Engineering of Korea, with its Autonomous Navigation System selected in the “Mobility” category. Only 14 cutting-edge technologies were recognized, all for leading the way in South Korean engineering and innovation.


“We are pleased to once again be recognized by CES, and we are honored that the Innovation Awards continue to see the advances we are bringing to the recreational boating market,” said Lim Dohyeong, CEO of Avikus. “That this comes at the same time as the National Academy’s selection of technology of the year is also extremely gratifying. We are very proud to receive this honor from important cornerstones of our industry. We will continue to strive to make boating a safer and more enjoyable activity through these innovations.”


Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES features every aspect of the tech sector. The CES Innovation Awards program is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. The program recognizes honorees in a multitude of consumer technology product categories and distinguishes the highest rated in each. A panel of industry expert judges reviewed applications in each product category based on specific criteria.


NeuBoat Navi is a core component of Avikus’s offerings in autonomous recreational boating. Using camera-based object recognition and data-acquisition from lidar sensors around the vessel, NeuBoat Navi can generate and display an optimal route for boaters to view and follow. Rendered and updated in real-time with input from internal GPS and charts, the system is able to recognize the surrounding environment, map the terrain accurately, locate and identify potential obstacles, and navigate smoothly around any impediments.